Quality Policy

The Directors, executive management and all personnel of Aarotek Construction Services Ltd are fully committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the supply of quality goods, processes and services in accordance with the company’s organisational goals and the expectations and needs of all clients in all spheres of the company’s activities and operations.

The Directors accept the total responsibility for the provision of qualified and experienced management, personnel and skilled craftsmen, suitable resources, documented working practices and procedures to ensure all contract commitments are both efficiently and effectively expedited and achieved.

The company has formulated and implemented its own Quality Assurance Manual to describe and document all working practices and procedures in order to meet both company and client quality objectives.

Additionally, the company honours and maintains its Preferred Contractor status with the major manufacturers of “guaranteed construction systems”.

To ensure the working effectiveness of the company’s practices and procedures the Directors have appointed a Quality Representative who has Executive Responsibility for the continuity of the Quality System to ensure full compliance with the International Standard for Quality Systems - BS EN ISO 9002, 1994.

The company’s Quality Policy is a corporate statement of commitment to quality of product, processes, and services and which is totally supported by the Directors, management and all personnel within the organisation of Aarotek Construction Services Ltd.